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Year 6-11

Useful Documents, Websites and Apps

Below is a list of useful documents, websites and apps available to help our Year 11 students succeed.


Document What is it?

Anxiety Booklet                 

A great resource that covers topics such as What is anxiety? How to spot the signs, Tips for parents, Tips for young people and Where you can find help.

GCSE exams - parent guide 2022

A useful summary of the adaptations made to GCSE exams this year.




What is it?

BBC Bitesize

Lot’s of revision Content


Great for learning English Quotes

Exam Solutions

Maths tutorials and exam question

Seneca Learning

Covers a range of subjects

Oak National Academy

A  collection of tutorials and online lessons for a range of subjects

Study Tracks (Youtube channel)

An organisation to puts core knowledge to contemporary music

Young minds

Amongst other support some great advice on dealing with exams


Online counselling and support for mental health issues


Signposts support in Leeds for mental health issues



What does it do?


This app offers multiple choice questions to practise a range of subjects.


Search millions of study sets or create you own. Improve your school results by studying with flashcards, games and more.

Adapt - Revision Timetable

Helps build revision timetables specific to your subjects and exam boards.

Study Tracks

Use this app to aid your recollection and retention of the core syllabus. It’s as easy as remembering the lyrics to a song… core knowledge from a range of subjects is put to great music and beats which sticks in your head. Then test yourself on what you’ve learned. Great for recall in exams!

Past Paper Ku

Over 100,000 past exam papers for free!

SimpleMind Lite

A beautifully simple way to create mind-maps.