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Parent Information

Uniform and Equipment

  • Navy blue blazer with the school logo
  • Navy blue with white stripe and school crest clip on tie
  • House lapel badge
  • Formal white shirt with collar (to be tucked inside trousers/skirt)
  • Plain black or grey full length school trousers. Trousers must be tailored/straight/slim/skinny cut

The following are not allowed: non-black zips, buttons on the outside of trousers, jeans, tracksuit bottoms, leggings or trousers that appear to look like leggings and have no pockets or zip/fly

  • Optional navy blue v-neck jumper with the school logo
  • Optional navy tartan pleated skirt
  • Plain black socks
  • Black single colour flat leather/leather type shoes

The following are not allowed: no canvas type or trainers with a different colour logo


Pudsey Grammar Boys Uniform

Pudsey Grammar Girls Uniform

PE Kit 

Compulsory Pudsey Grammar School PE Kit

  1. Pudsey Grammar School Indoor Navy Sports Polo Top
  2. Either the  Pudsey Grammar School Navy Sports Hoodie or Rugby Top 
  3. Studded Football boots are Compulsory for the PE curriculum for  Boys Year 7 - Year 11     and Girls Year 7 – Year 9 
  4. Sports Trainers - Indoor PE ( all students)
  5. Hair bobble ( all students with long hair) 

Boots and Trainers

Optional non Pudsey Grammar School PE kit

The following items are required for PE but can be non Pudsey Grammar School branded, parents  will still have the option to purchase the same items through the school uniform shop with the school logo if they wish. We would recommend purchasing the PGS branded items to avoid any doubt which could result in expensive errors regarding non-PGS items. It is essential that students do not have large logos on non-PGS items - please see our guidelines below if you are in any doubt. 

  1. Navy shorts or navy tracksuit bottoms or navy sports leggings (not tights)
  2. Navy long socks

Guidelines for purchasing non branded PE kit

Students wishing to wear non branded Pudsey Grammar School PE kit must follow the  guidelines below before purchasing any items:

  • All items must be Navy blue and plain where possible
  • No large logos on shorts, tracksuit bottoms, hoodies or sports leggings ( see images below)

Non branded PE kit

  • Students must have plain tracksuit bottoms/ shorts ( no cycling shorts) - no stripes should been seen  down the side even if they match the main colour of the tracksuit bottoms or shorts

Non branded PE kit 2

  • Tracksuit bottoms, hoodies, shorts and sports leggings should be plain or have a small logo only  ( see image below)

Acceptable Bottoms

PGS Uniform 2021-4841PGS Uniform 2021-4821PGS Uniform 2021-4826

Pudsey Grammar School Pre-Loved Online Uniform Store

We are working hard to reduce waste, promote the benefits of recycling unwanted clothing to help our environment and support families in our community during the cost of living crisis.


The initiative is non-profit for school and there is no cost to our parents/carers.  Donated items will be laundered and placed on our website.  Parents/carers can go onto the website and select the items they would like.  Uniform can be collected from the school Reception.  This helps us to ensure the key message of sustainability (avoiding good quality clothing going to landfill sites) can sit at the heart of the project. 


Uniform will be available to purchase on our uniform website, UniformD, at when we have sufficient stock. 

We are reaching out to all our parents and carers to ask for ongoing donations to help make this project a success and would like to thank you for your continued support.


For health and safety students are asked not to wear jewellery.

The following are permitted:

* A watch

* Stud earrings. Hoops, bars, expanders, or other forms of earring are not permitted. Other facial piercings are also not permitted.

* One ring

* One bracelet


Hair colour/style

Hair colour should be natural (no unnatural colours are permitted).  Hair should not be cut or styled in 'extreme' fashion (e.g. shaved, tramlines).

Students are asked to wear a sensible coat appropriate to the weather conditions (waterproof, warm etc) when walking to and from school.  Students should  not wear 'hoodie' type tops, leather or denim coats/jackets.  Coats should not be worn in the school building and should be stored in lockers or bags.


Fashion hats and caps should not be worn on the school site.

Shoes – medical exceptions

For medical emergencies only where advice is given against wearing school shoes, black trainers may be worn for the period of time indicated by the doctor. The relevant Year Leader will need to see a note from a medical practitioner on the day or in advance.

Basic equipment

Being fully equipped for school is a key part of the 'Home-School Agreement'.  Students should expect to be sanctioned if they do not carry the correct equipment for school.


All students should ensure that they have the following basic equipment for use in all lessons.

  • Student planner (provided by the school). Students should bring their planner to school with them every day
  • Pen and a spare (black or blue)
  • Red pen for ‘reflection work’
  • Pencil
  • Rubber
  • 15cm or 30cm ruler
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Protractor
  • A pair of compass
  • Casio Scientific calculator
  • Glue stick
  • Dry-wipe pen
  • A suitable bag to carry equipment, books and PE kit. The bag should be big enough to hold an A4 file (e.g. a rucksack).
  • Year 7 & 8 Students to have a French dictionary
  • Year 7 - 10 students to have a reading book.

 Equipment will be available to buy every morning before school, at break and at lunch time and checked every day by the Form Tutor.

 The list below is to help you understand the standards of personal presentation and dress expected of our students in Years 7 to 11.  Please check with your child's Year Leader if you require clarification.

  • T-shirts with slogans or polo shirts which are visible under a school shirt are not permitted.
  • Alternative jumpers or cardigans which do not have our PGS badge are not permitted.
  • No coloured lipstick or lip balm.  No false nails, false eyebrows/eyelashes or extended eye-liner.
  • No studded or wide belt leisure type trousers or trousers tucked into boots or socks.
  • Trousers must not be of a tight fit or with multiple pockets or zips.  Leggings and jeans are not permitted.
  • Scarves gloves, coats and hoodie tops should not be worn in work areas.
  • No boots, fashion footwear or trainers in place of black shoes.
  • Hair dyed in 'unnatural' colours or cut/styled in 'extreme' fashion is not permitted.
  • Earrings must be studs only - maximum of one per ear. No hoops, bars, expanders, or facial piercings.
  • No fashion jewellery such as necklaces, chains and large rings.
  • No 'fashion' handbags.

Uniform Stockists

The following stores stock the Pudsey Grammar School uniform:

Rawcliffes - Bradford

Whittakers - Farsley