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Parent Information

House System

The Pudsey Grammar School house system consists of eight houses led by appointed House Leaders and Deputy House Leaders. Each house is made up of one form from each year group in Year 7 to Year 13. Each house is named after a star and has a unique crest, colour and identity, which can be seen around the school on plasma screens and house noticeboards.

The house names are: Arcturus, Canopus, Capella, Deneb, Libertas, Polaris, Sirius and Vega.

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In addition to form tutors, every member of teaching and non  teaching staff in the school belongs to a house and wears a lanyard in the house colours. The  aims of the house system are to help  students feel part of a community within the school, where  they are challenged to work alongside others in their house, gaining confidence and skills in a  range of different activities. The house system is also about having fun; giving staff and students an  opportunity to enjoy competing together in order to win the house cup and feeling proud to be part of their house. 

House Assemblies

In each half term there are two online house assemblies led by the House Leader. These assemblies follow a format which allows for consistency and clarity of message across all staff and students. The  purpose of these assemblies is to bring the house together to share and celebrate individual and team successes. The aim is to build on the school culture where students are proud to  accept congratulations and rewards in front of their peers and also recognise the achievements of others. A vital part of each assembly is the sharing of information about upcoming competitions, in order for  students to put themselves forward to compete for their house in the range of activities on offer.  Following the main assembly, forms will break off into ‘sectional’ meetings.: Year 7 & 8 (Lower) Year 9 & 10 (Upper) and Year 11 - 13 (Senior) in order to select teams for the advertised activities and competitions. 

House Competitions

Each House Leader hosts four competitions across the year. This means that, in the first year of house competitions, there are already over thirty events for students and staff to take part in. Points are awarded based on successes in these competitions. In order to  encourage maximum participation and loyalty to houses, points are deducted for any house without a complete team. Very clear guidelines and standards of participation are shared prior to competition and points are also deducted, if individual students or a team do not meet these high standards of behaviour. Competitions take place after school in the weeks  between house assemblies, in order to achieve maximum participation and enable as many  students as possible to sign up to teams. In many cases, the teams are led by students from Year 12 and 13 and will be involved in practices, rehearsals and ‘play - offs’ prior to the event. This will ensure  high quality competition and allow students to gain valuable skills in the process. Points accumulated by houses from across the year will contribute to the  house cup, which will be awarded at the end of each year and remain in reception, adorned in the  colours of the winning house. Students are also able to earn house ties in the colour of their house, for showing dedication to participating for their house, in a range of different activities and roles.

Student Leadership

An important aspect of the house system is to provide students with valuable leadership opportunities  and experience. Leadership will be modelled by House Leaders and Deputies, through assemblies, during competitions and around the school. 

House Captains

Each house has two House Captains from Year 12 who go through an application and  selection process in order to be successfully appointed. These students support staff to select  teams and encourage students to participate in activities. They also support the hosting of  house events by setting up equipment, keeping score, timekeeping and officiating where appropriate.. House Captains will have the opportunity to apply for the role of ‘Head Student’ in the spring term of their Year 12..

House Managers 

Two students from each form group are chosen as ‘House Managers’ to support the  selection of teams within their form group. They also act as leaders during the competitions,  ensuring full participation, as well as challenging and motivating their peers to achieve their  potential. House Managers are encouraged to apply for the House Captain roles when they  move into Year 12. 

The Vision

The vision for the house system is to provide fun, engaging activities for students and staff, which  enrich the curriculum and enable them to gain new skills, confidence and friendships across the  school. This is something we want students to develop during their time at Pudsey Grammar  School and take into their adult lives; looking back with a sense of pride and  belonging at being part of their house.

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