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Parent Information

Parental Communication/Letters Home

As a school, we are looking at how we communicate with parents/carers and how we manage our pupil and parent data.  As part of this, we are encouraging parents/carers to download the following Apps that aim to streamline how we exchange information.

SIMS ParentLite App

For Data Management: this App links to our pupil/parent database and provides a secure and simple way to collect, manage and handle information by allowing parents/carers to electronically review and update information which we have on both the pupil and yourselves.

This allows parents to keep all information in relation to their child/ren up-to-date and accurate at all times.

This also helps parents/carers understand what information the school holds on students/parents under the new GDPR guidelines.

Download Links:

Download iOSDownload Google




For Engagement/Behaviour: this app allows parents/carers to keep up to date and see how their child/ren are behaving in school and see any homework that has been set. You can also see positive or negative points awarded/deducted from students and view detentions that have been set for your child/ren.

Download Links:

Download iOSDownload Google