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Year 6-11

Summer School 2021

The aim of the programme was to deliver a short summer school with a blend of academic education and enrichment activities. As a school we targeted Year 6 students making the transition to secondary school. We discussed and identified students to invite with primary school colleagues based on the following criteria:

  • Not secondary ready (English and Maths)
  • Special Educational Needs and social and emotional needs
  • Covid-19 impact on education
  • Free school meal students were prioritised

We selected activities with clear aims and objectives and there was a shared understanding about what the school wanted to achieve. The week was planned to provide students with a dual focus on supporting pupils' academic progress and their social and emotional needs. This enabled pupils to enjoy new experiences, build confidence, reinforce learning and develop positive patterns of behaviour. This included a variety of lessons and activities: 

  • English and Maths lessons - educational recovery 
  • Drama, PE and Music lessons - including enrichment activities 
  • Team building activities 
  • Familiarisation with the school - activities including tours  
  • Welcome assemblies 
  • Celebration and recognition assemblies 

A more detailed account of the programme can be found on the schedule attached.

Summer School Schedule


As a school we were able to invite 64 students out of a cohort of 215. 51 students accepted the place and we had an average attendance of 43 students across the five days.  We were able to claim £8560 funding from the government to run the summer school experience. The funding was primarily spent on staffing, resources and prizes for students. 



1x Associate Assistant Headteacher (primary liaison) = 5 days plus 1 day planning 

1x Year 7 Leader (pastoral care and child protection = 5 days 

1x Mathematics teacher = 5 days plus 1 day planning day 

1x English teacher = 5 days plus 1 planning day 

1x PE teacher = 3 days teaching 

1x Drama/Music teacher = 2 days teaching 

1x Teaching assistant = 5 days